The Keratin Infusion System proves that there is always room for improvement. KIS combines the best of American and European haircare into a complete and unique haircare line. The system contains a revolutionary formula that focuses on restoring hair from within. American haircare is known for being advanced in repairing the condition of the hair whereas European haircare is at the forefront when it comes to techniques in colouring and perms. KIS brings the best of these two worlds together in one revolutionary hair care line, with the common denominator for all products: the Keratin Infusion System.

What Makes KIS Different?

A lot of thought has gone into KIS Haircare. In addition to the unique Keratin Infusion System, the products offer a number of important advantages. One of the biggest and most important factors in the development of KIS was to cause no harm to any animals or their living environment. Therefore, at no stage are any KIS products tested on animals. In addition, the keratin used in the products is extracted from the wool of sheared New Zealand sheep. No KIS products are harmful to the environment and all packaging is made widely recyclable. All in all, KIS offers you the certainty of a high-quality product that meets all your professional wishes. Choosing KIS means convenience and quality. KIS frees you from making complicated and time consuming trade-offs for different products and different suppliers. By choosing KIS you save yourself time and effort. Go for the best!

The benefits

Revolutionary and complete hair care line
Simple and uncomplicated to use
Hair recovery from within
Suitable to use for all hair types
The highest quality guaranteed
Excellent price to quality ration
All products are cruelty free
Contains no animal products in addition to Keratin, which is sheared from sheeps wool
Product packaging is sleek and professional looking.
All packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
High quality in salon training.

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